We have more than 25 years of production experience, specializing in the corporate sector. We have dealt with nearly every type of Communications objective imaginable. Internal, External and Marketing Communications are all part of our skill set. We’ve partnered with major clients and boutique operations alike. Working with the highest levels in senior management, to the team on the shop floor, we’ve won awards for our work. And we do it in both English and French. So with an accomplished background like this, you are assured that an invaluable level of insight will go into your project.

A key factor to our success is that we listen. To your goals and objectives. Creating an innovating approach that rings true to your values. To your audience. Perhaps that’s why we are the Vendor of Record for numerous companies and institutions.

So whether you need customer testimonials, training videos, a message from the CEO, a product demo, or a video that will motivate the entire team at convention this year, we’ll bring your ideas to the screen. Big and small. We are an end-to-end supplier utilizing imaginative script writing, authentic interviews, shooting, editing, motion graphics, narration and music. And we’ll even deliver your content with AODA compliant captions, making your content accessible to everyone.

We turn your investment into results that matter.

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