On the night of a rare blue moon, more than 30 years ago, Bluemoon Productions began production...

Today, we are an award-winning video production company with global experience based in Toronto, dedicated to building partnerships you can trust while delivering unparalleled client satisfaction.

Our unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and proven production values means we’ll work tirelessly to turn your ideas and objectives into a reality. With our expertise, we’ll help you tell your story, better.

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Writing, shooting, editing

From concept development to final delivery

Whether it’s a marketing video, internal or external corporate communications, content for social media, or a product launch, our fully bilingual team has you covered from start to finish.

Our experienced team sees your challenges as opportunities, because we know that success means finding unique solutions that go beyond the status quo.

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Concept Development


Art Direction

Talent & Crew


Video Editing

Graphic/Motion/Web Design

Closed Captioning

Secure Archiving


Corporate Stories




Product Demos

TV/Radio Commercials

Live Event Coverage

Marketing Communications


Web Content

Social Media


AODA Compliance



Digital Signage

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Better Bang

We understand that making quality content is an investment. That’s why we’re dedicated to making videos that people will actually want to watch – without breaking the bank. We ensure you get the most bang for your buck, working together to set a budget that meets your expectations, striking the perfect balance between solid production values and motivating communications.

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Meet the


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Director of Lightbulb Moments

At the heart of every successful project lies a unique creative concept, the big idea, the proverbial “light bulb moment”. John believes that this is where BlueMoon truly shines. Balanced communications with a strong storyline to engage, entertain and enlighten. Better storytelling.

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Organizational Guru

Isabella simplifies a matrix of production details, budgets, logistics, and scheduling like it’s a perfect game of Tetris. No puzzle is too challenging when she’s on the job. When she’s not crunching numbers, she might even make you the best cappuccino you’ve ever had!

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Director of Storytelling

Great content is driven by powerful insights and visual storytelling. As a seasoned producer, director and writer, Jim delivers passion and creativity to every project. He brings his background in marketing, branding and production to make stories that connect with the audience and get results.

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Content Producer

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creative problem solving, Jayne is always eager to collaborate on every project, and quick to find solutions that will make the end product really shine!

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Motion Graphics Wizard

With extensive expertise in motion graphics, creative design, and 3D animation, Matthew combines technical knowledge with creativity, making spectacular graphics appear as if out of thin air. It’s not magic- it’s talent!

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Content Creator

You can rest easy when your footage reaches Ryan’s desk. A video editor with a passion for storytelling and organization, Ryan moves footage like he moves audiences, with precision, care, and intention.



Production Consultant

As our very own in-house yogi, Stephanie helps guide projects and people through all stages of production with flexibility, focus, and finesse. Between takes on set, she may even teach you a thing or two about sun salutations.

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Head Penny Pincher

Every great company needs a great accountant keeping track of the checks and balances, and Linda does just that! Her guidance and expertise are second to none, making BlueMoon the type of company you can count on.

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Head of Security

Ollie is an integral part of our team whose dogged dedication to office safety keeps us working hard. He enjoys checking the perimeter around the office, and keeps an eye out for those pesky squirrels on our rooftop garden!