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Creating an Engaging Explainer Video

Explainer videos are one of the most effective ways to deliver a successful marketing campaign or explanation to audiences. A good explainer is easy to understand and content is interesting.

It’s not just about the eye catching visuals. Much more goes into creating an explainer video. You need great script writing, storytelling, custom illustrations to match your brand, motion graphics, carefully selected voiceover talent, suitable music, sound effects that compliment the action, and in some cases 3D animation.

Here are some high level examples that have caught our attention.



This story which features Tessa and her family, takes you through the basics of utility structures and simplifies residential utility bills. From custom illustrations to the very detail of character emotion, the narration and visuals takes you through storytelling with purpose. And, complimentary music that pulls the entire video into a neatly packaged explainer.

This video was awarded the Platinum dotCOMM Award from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals for excellence in digital communication and web video.


OPUS ONE SOLUTIONS: “GridOS: Integrated Distribution Planning Explained”

From concept to completion, this video features storyboarding, custom illustrations, detailed animation, script writing, and engaging voiceover to wrap it all together. It’s a simple explanation of the GridOS platform, used by electric distribution utilities, to optimize planning, design and management.

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MAPLE: “Get Maple”

Maple is a great tool to get you the help you need from a virtual doctor. This one minute explainer takes your through the app using screen examples, illustrations within brand and voiceover narration. A simple, yet effective video, that demonstrates marketing and branding for virtual health needs.

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